For Soul-Inspired Entrepreneurs! Starting on June 28th!!

The Rich Revolution Masterclass

Discover step-by-step money mindset & business strategies to grow your business, make more money and get more clients.

During the Rich Revolution Masterclass program we’ll meet, learn, support, talk, laugh, grow our businesses and empower each other.

This is a 6 week intensive to really move the needle on your business.


Join an ambitious, soul-minded group of amazing entrepreneurs on a journey of growth and clarity.

We’ll kick doubt’s ass, we’ll blast indecision and self-doubt outta this world and we’ll set, visualize, strategize and manifest our most exciting money and business goals.

This isn't just about evolving your mindset or clarifying your vision, it's a 'take action, make change' kinda group.

It's a 'we want to love money and be rich' kinda group... in the best possible, giving and impactful way of course! 


I’ll be teaching an expanded and actionable version of my book, Rich Revolution plus I'm dedicating half of the course to improving and creating actionable plans to make more money in your business!

I'll teach step by step actions to implement my 10 methods to increase your income and attract more clients by using money mindset strategies.

The Rich Revolution Masterclass is a limited seat opportunity that I’ll be running live in a safe, soul-supportive and positive group. We'll hold weekly live video calls and trainings, Q&A’s as well as lessons, worksheets and more.


Join the Rich Revolution and get more clients, make more money and up-level your business.

Create your own story,

allow yourself to have the wealth you deserve,

give yourself an opportunity to do amazing things in the world

and help others that are just waiting for the devine gift you were made to give.

Use abundance as your catalyst to make a difference,

to leave your legacy

and to change the world!

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VIP...Get 6 weeks of 1:1 coaching + the Group Masterclass!

Master the mindset that will help you grow your business...


  • You'll learn what's holding you back from making your dream revenue and how to change it!
  • You'll learn to unlock the secret thinking within your mind to build a life of wealth and freedom.
  • You'll recondition your negative money mindset and get tools to tackle all of your money inhibitions and blocks. 
  • I'll teach you my 10 principles to master your money mindset through a journey of self-discovery, soul-support and enlightenment.

Discover the step-by-step actions to make more money


  • You will put your new, powerful money mindset to work for the second half of the course!
  • We'll evaluate your current business and see where you're leaving money on the table.
  • We'll implement or improve strategies to help you make more money and profit in your business.
  • You'll create intentional, actionable steps to make more money.
  • We'll design a wealth plan to create the money, lifestyle and abundance you've dreamed of for your business.
  • You'll take real action to up-level your business so you can join the rich revolution!

Discover the tools and strategies to up-level your business

Wealth Plan

Create an abundance guide to maintain clarity moving forward.

Millionaire Mindset

I've worked for 2 multi-millionaire entrepreneurs! Let's learn!

Monetization Plan

Create a plan to make, and also embrace, more money!

Stategies to Grow

Discover strategies that will grow your business.

Actionable Clarity

Get clear on the actions that will make you money.


Join and embrace a supportive and like-minded group of women.

Learn how to unlock the secret thinking within your mind to build a life of wealth and freedom!

You'll get a free copy of my book Rich Revolution and learn about my 10 money mindset principles.

Join us for a...

Soul Inspiring,

Abundance Delivering,

Business Evolving

Money Mindset Masterclass Program!

Live Weekly Group Coaching Calls

We'll be doing weekly live calls and everyone will get the help they need! We go for as along as we need to, to make sure you're moving in a mega, successful direction!

Safe, Inclusive Group of Like Minded Women


These women are always amazing! Such intuitive, soul-inspired, heart-led business women. They're ambitious and ready to make amazing changes in their lives and businesses!

1 x 60 Minute 1:1 Coaching Sessions

I want to make sure everyone is heading in the right direction so we'll take some personal time together to make sure you're on it!!

This program is for you if...

  • You're ambitious and want to up-level your business!
  • You want more clients or to grow your business.
  • You want to think and earn like a 6-7 figure entrepreneur.
  • You want to feel like you deserve abundance and wealth.
  • You want to achieve that multi-figure income and abundant life you dream of or see others living. 

It's also for you if...

  • You struggle with your money mindset.
  • You find yourself thinking that you don’t deserve a 6 or 7 figure income or you don’t have enough knowledge to share or sell to people.
  • You find it hard to define a positive money story and always find that you’re battling a self-deprecating ’lack’ mentality.
  • Your subconscious mind tells you that you don’t deserve abundance and wealth.
  • You’re working hard, putting in the time and effort, visualizing and manifesting but you just can’t seem to get to that multi-figure income and abundant life you dream of or see others living. 

I get it!

I really,


get it.

I know exactly how you’re feeling because I’ve been there too!

The amazing thing is, I've been able to grow two amazing businesses I love, celebrate 6 figures and support my family - all because I changed my mindset and learned some specific strategies.

I struggled for so long thinking that money was bad.

I thought that wealthy people were greedy and self-centered.

I thought I couldn’t be creative and make a lot of money, that it would sacrifice my ideals and contradict my passion as a creative. 

I was living in a space of lack, always cutting back and living with less instead of thinking about creating abundance, access or abilities.

I actually went to the extreme, I quit my corporate job, gave away my possessions and lived in a tent! It was freeing, I’ll say that, but it made me think about why I thought that way, where did this poverty thinking come from and was it helping me?

Was this thinking helping me?, it absolutely wasn’t.

I struggled to allow myself to make good money, then I struggled to pay the bills and that stress in turn took away the day to day pleasures of simple yet important things, like enjoying my friends and family, being able to give back to society and feeling secure in life and my future - and all just because of the way I was thinking.

I started to realize I’d been unconsciously programmed to think this way.

This experience began a new path of self-discovery, a journey about love, worthiness and giving that finally culminated to allow me to write my book, Rich Revolution.

Using the principles in my book, I’ve manifested an amazing new money story, made 6-figures through my two successful and fulfilling businesses and built my eco-friendly dream house, and I’m still ramping up for more!

It’s really difficult to change your mindset on your own because you already have pre-defined thoughts created from experiences in your life that have become your beliefs.

These beliefs and ideals have spurred your actions and ultimately become your life. It’s not easy to change all this, I know that!

You need constant positivity, accountability, knowledge and tools to help create new, positive beliefs that will change your internal money story and help you manifest the abundance and wealth you’re working so hard for now.

You need support, a mentor, strength, a safe place to let go of blocks and inspiring friends to hold your hand through a new transition, a new way of thinking, new beliefs and a new money mindset. 

You need the tools, strategies and knowledge to make the right choices, to implement the right money-making tasks and to create the thriving business you've dreamed of.

It's yours.

It's within your grasp.

It's within your imagination and your reality.

Let me help you get there.

Create your own story, allow yourself to have the wealth you deserve, to give yourself an opportunity to do amazing things in the world and help other people that are waiting for the devine solution only you can provide.

Use abundance as your catalyst to make a difference, to leave your legacy, to change the world!

It’s a massive challenge to change your beliefs and thought patterns yourself and that’s why I’m running the Rich Revolution Mastermind Group Program now. 

I'm on a mission to help soul-driven, inspired and ambitious women like you celebrate life with the success of your amazing dream business!

Join the Rich Revolution and use abundance as your catalyst to make a difference, to leave your legacy, to support your family and to change the world!

What you'll get, exactly!

6 weeks of a group course

1:1 coaching call with Kerrie

Weekly group training sessions

Money Mindset training

Business Strategy training

Q & A sessions


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VIP...Get 6 weeks of 1:1 coaching + the Group Masterclass!

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